measurements of crinoid stem
3D Crinoid Stem

Crinoids, like Brachiopods, are fairly rare today but were far more common in the past. However, unlike Brachiopods, Crinoids are not a seperate phylum, but are rather a class within the echinoderms.

Though animal forms, many ancient Crinoids, once the dominant echinoderm group, were superficially plantlike and even had roots stems and leaves, which functioned much like they do in plents!

The "roots" , or holdfast would anchor the chrinoid in place, but did not gather water or minerals as plant roots do.

The Stem or columnal (shown here) supported the crown. Crinooid stem pieces have often been made into beads.

The Crown contains the "leaves", they gather food particles rather than producing food through photosynthesis.

3D Crinoid stem, click to see larger anaglyph view
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