Dino bone front
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Dinobone back
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3D Dinosaur bone

Depite what some people have claimed, and many others have wistfully fantasized, there are no dinosaurs around today.

Some people have even fantasized about bringing dinosaurs back, as in the popular movie Jurassic park. The scenario in that movie is, of course, science fiction, and the idea of cloning long extinct creatures from their DNA is the least of the issues!

The piece of amber prominently shown in that movie is actually Dominican amber which is estimated to be 25 to 35 million years old which was long after the age of dinosaurs. Even in Dominican amber mosquitoes are a fairly rare inclusion, biting midges and ticks are a more likely source of a blood meal.

Even when such a blood engorged insect is trapped in resin, bacterial action will usually break down the blood before the resin hardens.

Baltic amber, which is often used in jewelry, is from an era just after the age of dinosaurs. Though Amber from the age of dinosaurs does exist, from places such as New Jersey and Myanamar (Burma), it is much less common and incusions such as insects are about 1/100th as common as they are in Dominican amber.

The inclusions that are found in such amber are far more degraded than those found in Dominican amber and are not known to have internal structures preserved, let alone a blood meal!

Aside from the problems from even finding a blood meal from a dinosaur, the idea of getting DNA from it is absurd. Reports of DNA from whole insects found in Dominican amber have been discredited, and even the people who first made such claims now believe the reports to be in error. They never claimed to have found DNA from the blood of other creatures anyway.

Measurements of the front of dinosaur bone fragment

Measurements of the back of dinobone fragment
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