Starfish spelled with starfish,
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Starfish, also knowns as sea stars are echinoderms belonging to the class Asteroidea. Though most have five arms Some have more or occasionally less. It is the common five armed variety that gives the starfish its name.

Starfish are seen as pests by Shellfish farmers because they prey on their stock. Cutting them in two and tossing them back in the water does more harm than good, since even a single arm can regenerate a whole starfish as long as it has part of the central ring!

Usually the dried out shells of dead starfish are used decorations in a variety of settings, and are collected by hobbyists but live starfish are sometimes featured in salt water aquariums.

There are many types of starfish, a few of them are featured here, hopefully others will be added in the future.

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Bat starfish, batstar click for more details
Bat starfish
brown starfish, aka florida starfish click for more details
Brown Starfish
Crown of Thorns starfish click for more details
Crown of Thorns starfish
Jungle starfish, click for more details
Jungle Starfish
Knobby starfish, knobbystar click for more details
Knobby Starfish
Sugar Starfish, sugarstar the regular starfish, click for more details
Sugar Starfish
Sunstar Sun Staqrfish click to see more details
Sun Starfish
Tan Starfish, tanstar, click for more details
Tan Starfish
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