Knobby starfish
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Knobby Starfish

Knobby starfish are so called because they have a lot of knoblike projections which start out fairly light colored and tend to darken and beome more numerous as they get older.

Knobby starfish are often used in crafts when an unuusal starfish is desired to give that unique look. They are also good for educational classrom use to illustrate the diversity of echinoderms in general and starfish in particular.

The knobbystar goes against what people expect when they think of a starfish. Though it does have 5 legs (arms?) it's odd appearance surprises a lot of people.

Young children who tend to be "tactile" love their bumpiness. Though they are more fragile than junglestars they are common and inexpensive enough to be easily replaced. They are also good as giveaways or prizes for children to take home.

full size   JPS version   Mesurements
Knobbystar fish
full size   JPS version   Measurements
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knobby starfish
full size   JPS version   Measures
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Knobby Star
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