Tan (orange?) starfish
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Tan Starfish

When you first see a tan starfish, especially one of the smaller ones, you might get the impression that it isn't a real starfish. This is because of its light color, relative flatness and relative lack of surface detail. However, when you look closer, especially at the under (ventral) side, it is quite obvious that it is indeed a real starfish.

A magnified view of the topside reveals a lot of detail and a specific pattern.

These are not as highly prized as similarly sized brown starfish but they also tend to be a lot cheaper!

These starfish typically come from the Phillipines. Though called Tan Starfish they are often more of an orange color, especially the larger ones.

Because of their small size and low cost, they are often used in crafts.

bottom of tan starfish
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Tan small bottom
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