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3D Shark Tooth

Sharks are sometimes regarded as not being true fish because they lack actual bones, having only cartilage. Because of this, their teeth were usually the only parts that fossilized.

Both current and fossilized shark teeth come in a variety of sizes, from teeth smaller than this to some that are much larger. The largest fossilized teeth are over 7 inches long and came from sharks estimated to be up to 52 feet long.

This picture is a little distorted in two ways: Because the tooth was very dark, almost black, the brightness was turned up all the way to bring out the details, causing it to look medium brown. Also, the amount of shift used makes it look thicker than it actually is.

Mesurements of miocene  shark tooth

As you can see from these measurements, this is a fairly small shark tooth. It was included in an $8 fossil kit.

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