Stingless bee amber fossil
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Like most beetles found in amber, which tend to be smaller than the popular image of a beetle, this bee is much smaller than your average honey bee. Most people don't realize that there are still tiny bees as well as soliatry bees.

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Stomgless bee in amber

When you mention bees, what usually comes to mind in the honeybee. There are actually 3 types of honeybees. The more honey a hive produces and stores, the more vicious bees need to be to defend it. The African bee (so called "killer bee") produces the most honey and is the most agressive. The European honeybee is the one most people are familiar with, it produces a medium amount of honey and is agressive only when provoked. The 3rd type is the south American honeybee which produces very little honey and has no sting at all. The amount of honey a bee hive produces depends on the harshness of their native enivronment, the harsher the environment, the more honey a hive needs to keep it going. This particular specimen is of the stingless variety but is not from South America, it is in Dominican amber and is thus likely native to the Dominican republic. Its small size suggests that it is probably of the solitary type.

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