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The Amoeba is the most primitive of the protozoa you learn about in school. The amoeba is best known for its relative shapelessness and the way it moves by flowing. Though the lack of sophisticated structures such as flagella and cillia may make the amoeba seem primitve, it has all the charcteristics of a eukaryote incuding a nucleus, DNA organized into chromosomes and distinct oganelles.

On with the videos (in WMV format):
Over a dozen amoeba at 100X (might give some the willies!): Amoeba Jackpot (1.3 Mb 19s)
At 400X:
Amoeba Collision(929Kb 29s )
There are also several videos of Amoeba pulling debris larger than themselves. I don't know what this would work out to in human terms but it might put an ant to shame! amoeba400x1    amoeba400x2    Amoeba power .
I was watching a balled up colpoda to see what it was going to do when an amoeba in the background decided to spit in two: Amoeba split
New videos  

The new amoeba videos will be done with my new setup which includes a "new" microscope, camera , techniques and format(mp4).

New Amoeba with oblique lighting New Amoeba with oblique lighting
Here is a big video of a big amoeba at 250X, oblique lighting: Big amoeba Notice how the lower pseudopod reacts when the upper one starts moving. What mechanism accounts for this?
More videos of the same amoeba 1 2 3 4 5 .

These videos were from my own hay infusion based on samples collected in Northern California, 95841. I hope you enjoy my microscopic videos of Amoeba.

amoeba @ 400X

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