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Red blood cell comparison

Unlike human blood (mammal blood), the red blood cells in Fish blood, Avian blood (bird blood), frog blood (amphibian blood) and turtle blood (reptile blood) have a nucleus, made prominent by staining. The reptile (turtle) blood is a different color because a different stain was used. Mammal red blood cells lack a nucleus, all other vertebrates have nucleated red blood cells.

Note that frog red blood cells are quite a bit larger than human red blood cells. Also, frog red blood cells are oval shaped while human red blood cells are round.
Some of these slides are part of 100 prepared slides "Set B ".

Fish blood
Avian blood (pigeon blood)

Reptile blood (turtle blood)

Measurements of fish, amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal red blood cells in microns (micrometers)

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