Fruit fly legs
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Fruit fly legs, like the legs of the beetle examined earlier, have numerous coarse and fine hairs and have a pair of hook like attachments at the ends. They have scales but they are not as obvious as the bettle's scales.

Fruitfly legs 400X  -  click to see lgarger Foot end of fruit fly leg 400X  -  click to see larger Flugit fly leg 400X  -  click to see larger

Like butterflies, true flies have a complete metamorphosis. Most flies lay eggs, though in some species the eggs hatch inside the fly and emerge as maggots. In the case of fruit flies, the eggs are laid in young fruit or even blossoms then hatch and develop inside. Imagine biting into a peach and finding hundreds of maggots inside. Not exactly an appealing proposition! It doesn't take much imagination to see why fruit flies are such serious pests and why imported fruit is so closely inspected.

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