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Lacewing (Neuroptera)

Green lacewings, belonging to the family Chrysopidae, are quite common in Northern California and are often seen around light fixtures at night. Their eggs are laid on long stalks which help to stop the first larva to hatch from eating the rest of the eggs. These larva are voracious predators and they bear some resemblance to the larva of ladybugs. In fact, both are sometimes referred to as "aphid lions". The adults, flying around at night, are thought to have sometimes been mistaken for fairies. Because they are slow moving and unwary, they are easily picked up.
There are microscopic pictures of its antennas, wings, legs and mouthparts.

Lacewing Lacewing Lacewing

The eye of the lacewing is difficult to photograph. The image to the left does, however, clearly show the eye's many facets. In life the eyes often have a golden brown color similar to amber, which is why green lacewings are sometimes called "golden eyed" lacewings.

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