Wings of green lacewing
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Lacewing wings have a very delicate appearance. They have a slight greenish tinge and are nearly transparent. They have numerous crisscrossing veins. They are also extemely hairy. This network of veins is what gives the order the name "nerve wing".

lacewing wing 100X Lacewing wing 100X (superstage lighting)
Lacewing wing at 400X

The way the two pairs of wings posessed by lacewing beat as it flies shows how it could have been mistaken for a fairy. In days when people actually though fairies were real, they had a reputation far more sinister than what they have today. It was believed that they would enter houses at night and steal male children. In the middle ages boys were often dressed like girls when they went to bed in hopes that this would fool the fairies into thinking they were girls so they wouldn't bother. Despite their delicate appearance, lacewings could likewise seem sinister, if you were one of the small insects that the prey upon!

In this case an insufficient amount of mountant was used which led to poor penetration of the mountant into the specimen and poor preservation of its tissues.

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