Halloween LadyBug Leg
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As with most insect legs, the legs of ladybugs are quite hairy. The hairs are not very dense on most of the leg and tend to be mostly the fine type which are barely visible at lower powers and require sharp focus to become visible. It comes as a shock to most people that ladybugs have claws.

Ladybug leg under a stereo microscope malbleg2s.jpg - 10104 Bytes
malbleg1s.jpg - 14858 Bytes detail of veins in leg at 400X Joint between thd claw and the leg

At higher magnifications a number of veins are visible. I'm not sure if these are really part of the circulatory system or if they may actually be part of the nervous system. They do look remarkably like tree roots, epscially the way they branch. These are the kind of details that you can only guess at when viewing the specimen with the unaided eye or at lower powers.

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