Moth feeding tube
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Though many adult moths do not feed at all, surviving as adults only long enough to reproduce, others feed on nectar, just like most butterflies. In order to accomplish this task they posess a feeding tube which is extended when they feed and is coiled up when not in use. It is actually a double tube and it promptly split into 2 pieces when it was detached.

Moth 2 feeding tube  20X  -  click to see larger moth feeding tube 40X  -  click to see larger
Base (head end) of feeding tube 100X  -  click to see larger Moth feeding tube, showing the cleft where it split 100X  - 
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You'll notice that at there are a number of bristle like structures which are concentrated toward the end of the feeding tube. These are taste organs, which serve the same function as human taste buds. There also a number of the same kind of "tactile" hairs found just about every where else on the insect's body.

Probe end of moth feeding tube 400X  -  click to see larger
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