Stilt bug abdomen
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The abdomen of this stilt bug made up about half its body length but was only 1/4" long. This is clearly shown in the view through a stereo microscope shown immediately to the right.

stiltabd1s.jpg - 5640 Bytes stiltabd2s.jpg - 7616 Bytes stiltabd4s.jpg - 5609 Bytes
stiltabd3s.jpg - 7967 Bytes

The picture on the left, taken from above, shows that the internal viscera, "guts" are visible when it is viewed at high power. The 100X view shows the many spots that covered the abodomen, a feature not easily seen by the unaided eye. At 400X the small hairs at the end of the abdoman can be seen.

The low power view appearing above also shows a small piece of the head, including part of one of the compound eyes.

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