Stilt bug , Family Berytidae
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Stilt bugs Belong to the order Hemiptera or "true bugs" and to the family Berytidae. There are only about a dozen or so species in North America but I couldn't find the information about the genus and species of this specimen. The pictures on this page, as well as the microscopic views of other parts should be sufficient to identify it but for now I will have to be content with knowing the order and family of this insect.

Stilt bug, seen through stereo microsocope stilt2s.jpg - 7707 Bytes
stilt3s.jpg - 6962 Bytes stilt4s.jpg - 8120 Bytes

The family Berytidae includes both herbivorous and carnivorous members, the latter feeding on various small invertebrates. The pictures on this page give the impression that this specimen was larger than it really was. The long skinny abdoman was just over 1/4" long and the whole insect was less than 1/2" long from the top of the head to the tip of the abdomen.

In addition to the views on this page I have microscopic views of its eyes, antennas, legs, beak, wings and abdomen.

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