Stilt bug eye
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Compound eyes vary greatly in size and in color, as seen by the vividly red eyes of this stiltbug compared to the black eyes of most moths. What compound eyes have in common is that they have a rougly hemispherical shape and are composed of hexagonal cells.

Stilt bug eye at 100X (superstage)  -  click to see larger Stilt bug eye at 400X (superstage)  -  click to see larger

They eyes of this stilt bug are so small that you can see a whole eye at 100X and most of an eye at 400X. The nature of the eyes is such that superstage lighting is needed to see them. It is very difficult to get good pictures of this eye at 400X! It is possible that the color of the eye is one of the key features that would help to identify it.

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