Stilt bug Legs
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Stilt bug legs look similar to stilt bug antennas. In fact, It is these long, skinny, rather delicate looking legs that give the Stilt bug its name. It really does appear to be walking on stilts! A larger, more reobust bug probably couldn't be supported on such unsubstantial legs, but the stilt bug is only 1/2" or so long and very slightly built.

Stilt bug leg seen through a stereo microscope stiltbug leg 100X
Stilt bug leg, Knee stiltleg4s.jpg - 7531 Bytes stiltleg5s.jpg - 4296 Bytes

The knee of a stiltbug has internal structures that bear a remarkable resemblance to the bones in a human knee. Though the hairs are sparse, they do have a fairly regular pattern. The feet have the usual downward facing hooks so typical of "bug" legs. The foot of the insect leg is called the "tarsus" and the number of segments in the tarsus is one of the key features used to distinguish between various groups of insects. The nature of the hooks or "toes" at the end is another key feature.

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