Stilt bug wings
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Like most "bugs", Stilt bugs have front wings that are partially hardened and have areas of dark color. At the front they cross and form a triangular region. The wings of this specimen are just over 1/4" long.

View trhough stereo microscope, showing that wings are about 1/4  inch long stiltwing2s.jpg - 6620 Bytes Stilt wing 40X
stiltwing4s.jpg - 9072 Bytes The rear wings of the stilt bug are almost transparent

As is the case with most bugs, the rear wings of stiltbugs are almost transparent and have just a few veins. The rear wings are more homogenous than the front wings and are, of course, used for flying. They are much more delicate than the front wings, which serve to protect them when the bug is resting. The fact that they are so skinny, yet only about 1/4" long gives you an idea of just how small this stilt bug actually was. When I first examined it under the stereo microscope I was quite surprised by its appearance.

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