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YouTube addiction

9:42 AM 8/14/2017
10 signs you are spending too much time on YouTube and 25 more signs you're spending too much time on YouTube
I just recently posted two new videos to my You Tube channel :
10 signs you are spending too much time on YouTube and 25 more signs you're spending too much time on YouTube .

The titles pretty much say it all, they talk about How to know you've been spending too much time on you tube. Which can become an unhealthy obsession or even an addiction for some people. Yes, there is such a thing as YouTube addiction!

YouTube addiction

Potassium Glutamic Hyperhyratic Acid ( PGHA )

Kelvin Longwood

Kelvin Longwood

Literate Cuttlefish?


5:43 AM 6/3/2017
Nine lies, one fact
I posted a new video on YouTube called 9 lies, 1 fact. It is a collection of ten wild stories, one of which happens to be true! The idea is that you watch the video and then try to figure out which story is true and which ones are lies. Some of the lies are real whoppers, and the truth in this case is a bit of a whopper as well!

You may find that the true story is the one you least want to believe. It is seriously the stuff of nightmares!

0:05 #1 Carolina Monster Mayfly
1:13 #2 Literate cuttlefish?
2:35 #3 The strange case of Kelvin Longwood
6:07 #4 Potassium Glutamic Hyperhydratic Acid (PGHA)
7:16 #5 The Dengla tribe
8:12 #6 Giant African Earthworm
9:40 #7 Bat on the moon
10:31 #8 Quimpledink
11:36 #9 Rastukian Tonguetwister
13:02 #10 Yellow Sky

Rastukian Tonguetwister

Kelvin Longwood

Rastukian Tonguetwister

Yellow Sky

Bat on the moon
Spirulina powder

8:14 AM 2/28/2016
Spirulina powder
A lot of people are into spirulina powder these days, so I decided to put some under the microcope to see what it really looks like. You might be surprised! Spirulina powder under a microscope

Map of the flat Earth

11:34 AM 1/2/2016
The Flat Earth revisited Do planes prove the plane?
A few weeks ago I posted a rant about the flat Earth in which I investigated the idea based on beam headings. While this is a perfectly valid approach and based on actual experience, it goes into an area most people aren't familiar with. So, since flat Earthers have taken this approach, I decided to look at it based on airliner flights. I call it the flat earth revisited, do planes prove the plane?, and I use a common sense approach based on flight times and use both the map of the flat Earth and Great Circle Maps to illustrate the point.

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