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Spirulina powder

8:14 AM 2/28/2016
Spirulina powder
A lot of people are into spirulina powder these days, so I decided to put some under the microcope to see what it really looks like. You might be surprised! Spirulina powder under a microscope

Map of the flat Earth

11:34 AM 1/2/2016
The Flat Earth revisited Do planes prove the plane?
A few weeks ago I posted a rant about the flat Earth in which I investigated the idea based on beam headings. While this is a perfectly valid approach and based on actual experience, it goes into an area most people aren't familiar with. So, since flat Earthers have taken this approach, I decided to look at it based on airliner flights. I call it the flat earth revisited, do planes prove the plane?, and I use a common sense approach based on flight times and use both the map of the flat Earth and Great Circle Maps to illustrate the point.

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