10:17 AM 11/8/2014
Achtung! Dies ist die Währung des Dritten Reiches!
Achtung! Dies ist die Währung des Dritten Reiches!
Attention! This is the currency of Israel!
Attention! This is the currency of Israel!
Conflicting coins?
If coins can represent conflicting ideologies, which they often seem to do, then it is difficult to think of a greater conflict than that represented by Nazi coins and Israeli coins! I almost expect sparks to fly when I put these two coins together. That doesn't actually happen, of course, but it seems like it should.

I should point out that I am not an adherant of either philosphy, I am not Jewish, nor an Israeli citizen, and I'm certainly not a Nazi! Never-the-less, I do find both interesting, especially from a historical perspective. Collecting world coins is, of course, just a hobby, not a philosophy, and doesn't usually involve politics. It is a very interesting hobby and is often less expensive than collecting U.S. coins. Certainly world coins are, in many ways, more interesting than U.S. coins, coming in a much broader variety of shapes, sizes, colors and themes. You also don't have to worry about a dishonest sibling stealing and spending them and most are worth very little to nothing even at a foreign exchange office!
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