March 1, 2009
Mysterious note on car
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I was headed to work the other day when I found a note underneath my passenger side windshield wiper. Accounting for the handwriting as best as I can tell it says:

ola guera como estas sabes te mire en donde bibias antes y sabe ave eres toda una mujer la neta esque no tome ases diferente eras guapa cuando te arreolas temiros bien gugna y guapa me gustaria Berto el miercoles en las lubadorus donde y bas alabar donde 11: AM Bibias antes en los apartamentos de La Palm Sale

I took spanish in highschool but didn't get much chance to use it so at first I wasn't sure what it was, since it was handwritten it seemed unlikely that it was an advertisement. I thought it might be some kind of threat but that seemed unlikely. After studying it for a while I concluded that it was a love note. I took it to work with me and one of my coworkers provided the following translation:

Hello I've been watching you for a while even when you used to live elsewere and i think you're a good looking woman, I love you hair and your smile. You are all women for me. I would like to meet you on Wednesday, @11am right by the La Palm Sale Apartments

As I suspected, it was a case of mistaken identity. This was probably aimed at a woman whose apartment bedroom window is near my my car. Some at work thought it was a stalker, I think it was a "secret admirer", though there is a fine line sometimes!

The translator suggested I should leave a note of my own saying "stop leaving notes on my car, I'm a dude!" I figure he'll know that if he sees me getting out my car, I just hope he doesn't think I'm her boyfriend!

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