Mar 8, 2009
Phone Phishing?
We've all heard of phishing, where scam artists send out bogus emails designed to look like they come from you bank, credit card company, etc., directing you to a phony site in hopes you'll enter your passwords, credit care numbers, social security number and so on. Recently a new tactic has emerged: Phone Phishing

This takes the form of a recording with a vague statement about your car's warrantee or your credit card interest rate and they usually lie that they have called several times before. The ambiguity makes it clear (how's that for a phrase?) that they are not actually calling about what they say they are calling about, otherwise they would give some details.

There are two possible reasons that they are making bogus statements:

#1 It is a ploy to get you to pick up the phone.
They know fully well that if they told you right off the bat that they are trying to sell you some unrelated product or that they are a debt collector trying to con you into paying somebody else's debt you wouldn't pick up the phone!

#2 They are trying to collect details about the item mentioned
When they are "extending your car's warrantee" or "lowering the rate on your cedit card" they will be collecting a lot of sensitive personal information which could be used in a scam!

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