Legend of the red dragon WEB FAQ
Introduction to LORD FAQ
mylord 1
part one of L.O.R.D. FAQ
part two
part two of L.O.R.D. FAQ
part three
part three of L.O.R.D. FAQ
part four
part four of L.O.R.D. FAQ
Rumors and fluff
somewhat less useful information
monster stats by "paranoid"
my list of TELNETable games
Alphabetical list of topics
notes on Wildcat Tournament LORD
IGM tips
tips for various IGMs (mostly bugs)
Latest additions
updated September 12, 2015

Data Stream
A very poplular Mega IGM game
Mozy's Swamp
Mega popular games with lots of IGMs. Good Global Warfare games too!
Nuklear LORD
The most heavily promoted set of games on the net!
Retrograde BBS
WTLORD and regular LORD
Several popular games, with and without IGMs
100+ L.O.R.D. telnet BBSs
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