Lord Lingo
The lingo used in various chat rooms and other message bases can be confusing to new comers. This page will try to clear things up.

Equipment/skills, what you've got
This notation is used to specify what you had when you went up against the dragon, or sometimes against another player. For example:
10m/10m ls mh 5T HOTT or 40m/10m HOTT fairy 6T or 100m/10m ULTRA 5T
weapon/armor This is described in terms of how much it costs to purchase. m=million k=thousand so 10m/10m is crystal shard/magic protection, 100m/10m would be blood sword/magic protection, 1m/200k would be Wan's weapon/armor of death, etc.
ls Light Shield, a mystical skill requiring 12 use points. Usually you'll want to have this for your second DK. This makes it possible to kill the dragon with lesser equipment. Not usable against your master.
mh Mind Heal, a mystical skill requiring 20 use points. This heals you completely. This is almost as good as a fairy, except you have to use it before you drop to less than 1 hp. The combination of ls and mh make it possible to kill the dragon with very little equipment, even without a fairy. 4m/4m ls mh 5T is quite doable! Usually you don't have ls+mh until your 3rd DK, and often not even then.Not usable against your master.
sh SHatter, a mystical skill requiring 16 use points. Roughly equivalent to twice a thief or death knight attack. Usually you'll be using this against another player, rather than against the dragon, since you can't do ls+mh+sh, and the combination of ls+mh is generally more effective than ls+sh. The exception is when you have 28-31 mystical use points, in which case leading off with ls followed by shatter would make perfect sense.Not usable against your master.
HOTT A jennie code that temporarily gives you more than maximum hp. It could be either 15 or 20 percent more, depending on the version of LORD. Can be used against your master.
ULTRA ULTRA ale. Very similar to HOTT, but requires using the IGM Barak's house. Comes in handy if you are not in high sprits. The effect cannot be combined with HOTT. Also usable against your master.
Fairy AKA fry. You've got a fairy. If you would otherwise die the fairy will save you and completely heal you then fly away. Comes in handy for killing the dragon, especially on your first DK, though skilled players often kill the dragon without one, or still have it after the DK. Comes in handy against your master, especially Turgon.
T Thief this is how many thief attacks you had, or used. Not usable against your master.
D Death knight this is how many death knight attacks you had or used. Competitive players don't normally bother with this skill unless the game requires more than 5 DK to win. Not usable against your master.
P Pinch. A mystical skill that requires only 1 use point. Does slightly more damage than a regular attack. Used when you've run out of T or D. Not usable against your master.
HW Heat Wave. A mystical skill that requires 8 use points. Does more damage than a pinch but not as much as thief or death knight. Used when you've run out of T or D. If you have fully mastered mystical skills then you'll have enough for ls+mh and 1 HW. Not usable against your master.
HK Horse Kill. If you have a horse then sometimes you will lose it during a fight, instantly killing your opponent. (though sometimes it takes them to 0 HP and your next attack kills them) This works against the dragon in all Robinson versions but not in later Preslar versions, including 4.07. If you have no chance of killing the dragon even with a fairy then you should ask the fairies for a horse instead (unless you already have one). Often a player can get an HK early in the game and gain a lead that can be hard to overcome. Sometimes geting the first DK a week before anyone else. This can be combined with all of the above, including a fairy, depending on when during the fight the HK occurs. The more times you attack your opponent, the greater the chance is that this will happen, so defense will be more important than strength. Using this as your main strategy by skipping the forest fights and going against the dragon first thing whenever you have a horse doesn't usually work out very well. Can be used against your master.

Other stuff

Baiting This is where a player will enter the game and then leave, but still watches it, hoping to lure another player into the game who will try to kill them. The first player then goes back into the game before the second player can kill them and usually a waiting game ensues.
Bran aka BW, BTW Bran the Warrior, the one monster capable of killing you at level one, even if you heal after each fight. Not a serious threat if you have upgraded your armor to at least 1K, worth a decent amount of gold.
Bully This is a player who engages lower level players in online duels against their will, knowing they have no chance, thus depriving them of part or all of their turn for the day. Though there is no option to prevent this in the game, many boards have rules against it.
Camper A player who deliberately stays at a lower level, even though they have the XP and equipment to rise to a higher level. Usually they stay at the inn so higher level players can't kill them. Often they accumulate far more XP and equipment than a player at that level would normally be able to get. These players have the goal of being an annoyance rather than winning the game.
CG Corinthian Giant, you would get the impression from its stats that it is dangerous, that impression is correct! This is probably the most dangerous monster in the game, other than the dragon. Even using skills against it is dangerous and a waste of skills. RUN!!!!
CW Cyclops Warrior, one of the level 12 monsters you should run from, supposed to be a level 11 monster but it is rarely encountered at level 11.
DK Dragon Kill, you killed the red dragon, also how many times you've killed the red dragon.
Experience pool This is the amount of experience players have collectively. When a player kills another player, the killer gains 50% of the victims experience, but the player being killed loses only 10%. Thus, player kills cause the total amount of experience in the game to grow much faster than forest fights and other events alone.
FF Forest Fight, not much more to say.
Gandalf Gandalf is the master you have to get past to get to level 11. Sometimes you'll lose a fairy against Gandalf and thus not have it for use against Turgon.
Gem horder A player who doesn't turn in most of their gems at the end of the day, giving a nice bonus to whoever kills them. Experienced players turn in all but 1-3 of their gems for strength or defense before leaving the game, unless they failed to get to level 2.
HP Hit Points. If your hitpoints drop to less than one during a fight, you're dead.
IGM In Game Module. A program that acts as an extension of the game and can be entered via "Other places". IGMs must be installed by the L.O.R.D. operator. IGMs affect game play, not always in a good way.
Level 11 Hell If you fail against Turgon you will most likely be killed by a player or forest monster before you can try again. If your experience drops below 10 million you won't be able to go against Turgon again until you get back over 10 million. Since you can only attack level 10-12 players at the inn and many high XP players are level 7-9, you may have a hard time doing that and thus you will be stuck at level 11 for a while, possibly a week or more. If a game has a lot (100+) of forest fights then level 11 hell can usually be avoided, since forest fights alone at level 11 could add up to more than a million XP.
Master This is the NPC you have to defeat to get to the next level.
MBW Mutated Black Widow, one of the more dangerous monsters on level 12, running from it is often fatal, though it can usually be dispatched by a single thief or death knight attack.
NPC Non Player Character, aka NPE, Non Player Entity . This is a character in the game who is not another player such as the dragon, forest monsters, masters , Violet, etc.
RNG Random Number Generator. Technically it is pseudo random, but the resulting pattern is so complex it is as unpredictable as a pair of dice, or a coin flip. This gives the "luck" in the game, and affects everything from forest events to all fights in the game, including fights against both players, and NPCs, even masters and, of course, the dragon.
Snub The act of declining romantic mail. This will cause the inviter to lose XP instead of gaining it. The snubbed player is not likely to send romantic mail to the snubber in the future, which may be the whole idea.
Stalking This is when a player watches the game waiting for someone to get on and leave, thus presenting a good player kill. Though most competitve players do this now and then, some spend most of the day doing it, thus neglecting their life outside of L.O.R.D. , this is a sign that they are taking the game way too seriously.
Suiciding This is where a player deliberately gets killed in the game, either by a forest monster or a higher level player they haven't got a chance against, just so nobody can kill them. Since this stunts the growth of the experience pool, it is counterproductive and players who habitually do this rarely win.
Turgon The master you have to defeat to get to level 12. In a competitive game the one thing that often slows players down is being unable to get past Turgon.
XP eXperience Points, not much more to say.
Waiting game This is where two players enter the game and both wait for the other to leave, so they can kill them. This is a sign that both players are taking the game way too seriously.

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