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(W)rite mail
Once you've pressed "W" you're asked who you want to write mail to. If someone's name is a possible match it will ask you if you meant this person, then that person, and so on. If you say no to everyone on the list it will abort. (this will become clear after you've written mail a few times) Once you accept the name of a possible recipient you will then be allowed to enter your message. All the normal color codes apply.

If the person you are writing to is of opposite gender and you haven't flirted with a player yet today, or flirted since killing the dragon, you will get a chance to write romantic mail to the other player. There are a number of choices:

(N)ever mind
(F)latter him/her
(A)sk for a kiss
(B)uy him/her dinner
*(I)nvite him/her to your room at the inn
*(P)propose to him/her

*If "clean" mode is on you won't get the option to Invite him/her to your room. The option to propose doesn't appear unless your charm is 100 or more.

If the flirtation is accepted both players will get varying amounts of experience, depending on the action and their current level. If the flirtation is rejected the inviting person will lose experience and the rejecting person will gain some experience.

If the flirtation is an invitation to the inn, and it is accepted, both players will get credit for a lay.

If you propose and are accepted you and the person you proposed to will be married. As you log on for the first time you will be asked if you feel positive or negative about your marriage partner. This question will be asked in various ways. If you say you feel negative you will be divorced and both you and your spouse's charm will drop to 50. There are similar results when your spouse is deleted for inactivity.

Married couples and single female characters will occasionally have children. Marriages, divorces, and childbirth are all noted in the daily log. As noted earlier, you get one extra forest fight for each child.

(C)onjugality list
This will show you who is married to whom, including those married to Sethable and violet. It is generally not a good idea to try to flirt with a player who is married to someone else!

(X)pert Mode
This let's you control whether you see the whole menu or just the line listing the letters for the various commands, similar to the way the expert mode on most BBSs work.

(P)eople online
This shows you who is online currently. This includes you. The time of arrival is also noted.

(S)laughter other players
This is how you attack other players if they are not staying at the inn. You can attack any player who is still alive and not staying at the inn unless they have gone off into "limbo". BBS and IGM lockups can cause a player to be in "another place" called "maint". Attacking other players is sometimes a good way to advance levels more quickly, especially if you've been given help by cash transfers.

This brings up another submenu:

(L)ist warriors
(S)laughter another player
(R)eturn to town
(E)xamine dirt
(W)rite in dirt

{S} (L)ist warriors in the field
This will show who is available to attack, and will indicate which players are currently online. As noted earlier, players will sometimes be in "maint".

{S} (S)laughter a warrior
This lets you actually attack another player. If the name you enter matches player(s) you will get a list of matches and be asked one by one if that is the one you're after. If they are not available to attack for some reason then you'll get the appropriate message. If they are available to attack you will get a message about them brandishing a dangerous looking X, with X being the player's current weapon and then you are asked if you are sure you want to attack him/her. If you say yes then the battle will begin.

Sometimes the other player will strike first. If you survive this then you'll get several options, which will also come up if you get the first strike.

You can (A)ttack the other player, view your (S)tats or (R)un away. If you have any special skill use points they will also be shown. This is pretty much like fighting forest monsters, with a couple of exceptions. You can use your defensive mystical skills against any opponent but offensive skills can be used only when the player is above your current level. Sometimes offensive special skills do only one damage point. This appears to happen in situations where such an attack would otherwise do no damage. This has to do with your offense, their defense and a random factor.

As with forest fights fairies offer protection and you can lose your horse or any children you have, with the usual results. If you try to run away you won't always be successful. The result of the battle will be posted in the daily log.

If you lose the battle you will be dead and will lose any gold you have on hand, as well as 10% of your experience.

If you win you get whatever gold the player has, 1/2 of the gems the player has and 1/2 of their experience. (if this would put you over 2 billion experience you won't get the experience points, but this means that you already have over 1 billion experience points so unless you're trying to get the top experience points, who cares?). You will sometimes get another gem as well.

In 4.07 you will also see a message such as "You also gain 3 defense points, and you gain 2 strength points" Though you really do get the defense gain you don't actually get any strength gain. This message is suppressed if you already have 3267+ defense. The extra defense could come in handy at lower levels, especially at level one where you can't buy armor better than heavy coat or a weapon beter than dagger and can't turn in gems but need some extra "oomph" to defeat your master.

In later versisons you will sometimes see a message asking if you want to swap weapons with the person you just defeated. This seems to happen only in the Inn. At first glance that seems like a stupid question, if you were able to beat them then why would you want their weapon? It didn't seem to work very well for them! It is possible, however, that you used a fairy, Jennie hott, special skills, etc. and that they may actually have a better weapon so it might be worth swapping, or so it would seem.

In fact, though you get the weapon number and name, your attack strength remains unchanged! This does not mean, however that nothing has happened. When you turn the weapon in, you get the normal price for the weapon and the strength associated with that weapon is subtracted from your strength! If this results in a negative number (which could easily happen!) then your strength after you sell the weapon will be 5. Since you need a certain strength to buy a weapon you may be stuck with a dagger no matter what your level is and how much gold you have. This is either a serious bug or a really sick joke.

For these reasons, you might want to trade for a lesser weapon rather than a better one. Trading down could be good way to build your strength. Let's say you trade your crystal shard for a dagger, your strength will remain the same and though you will only get about 500 gold you will lose only 10 strength when you turn it in and will get the normal strength gain for whatever weapon you buy!

Killing other players is a good way to jump levels, if you can pull it off. You will also get a chance to make a note in the daily log that will go along with the announcement of your victory. I like to do a parody of the player's name. If the player's name is "wizard", for example, I will say "we're off to slay the wizard!" or if their name is "highlander" I'll say "in the end there can only be one!". The usual color codes apply in these remarks but you only get one line of text so plan carefully!

Player fights are often a very good way to get experience. If you are well armed you can sometimes jump from level 1 to level 12 in one day. In many games, however, you'll log on and usually find that everyone is dead except some low level players who are staying at the inn. Thus, sometimes there is nobody to attack.

In other games, however, there are usually a lot of people to attack, some of them weak players with a lot of experience points. So you may get most of your experience points from forest fights or you may get most of it from player fights.

If the other player is currently online you'll get involved in what is known as an "online duel". There are special rules concerning online duels. Sometimes the challenger gets the first blow, other times the player being challenged gets the first blow. Both players will get one less player fight. That won't matter to the player who gets killed if one of them does.

In an online duel you occasionally get a chance to "yell" something at your opponent. In online duels you cannot use your special skills and a fairy does you no good. As far as I know, you cannot lose children or a horse in an online duel.

Regardless of the outcome of an online duel a special message will appear in the daily log.

It is generally not considered very nice to challenge a player to an online duel against their will, especially a weaker player who hasn't got a chance. Keep this in mind!

{S} (R)eturn to town
This will take you back to the main menu.

{S} (E)xamine dirt
This is yet another message area, but unlike other message areas, this one shows only the last message entered. The message can be quite long, and the normal color codes apply. The top of the screen will show the name of the player who has the most player kills and how many player kills they have. If two players are tied for the top, the one with the lowest record number will be shown. If nobody has killed anybody, then the player in slot number one will be shown. If you've just made one or more kills to rise to the top of the rankings you may have to leave the game before being properly listed as the "most dangerous" player.

{S} (W)rite in dirt
This is how you can write in the dirt yourself. You must have killed another player in this session in order to be eligible to write in the dirt. Sometimes even entering an IGM will make you ineligible to write in the dirt unless you kill again.

[back to main menu]

(A)bdul's armor
Just as you need weapons to fight monsters, you also need armor. Similar to weapons, armors add to your defensive strength. Here is a table showing the various armor available along with the cost of the armor and the defensive strength it gives you:

Armor #Armour name Price Defense added minimum defense needed to buy*
1 Coat 20010
2 Heavy Coat 1,000 3 0
3 Leather Vest 3,000 10 2
4 Bronze Armour 10,000 15 5
5 Iron Armour 30,000 25 10
6 Graphite Armour 100,000 35 20
7 Erdrick's Armour 150,000 50 35
8 Armour of Death 200,000 75 57
9 Able's Armour 400,000 100 92
10 Full Body Armour 1,000,000 150 152
11Blood Armour 4,000,000 225 232
12 Magic Protection 10,000,000 300 232
13 Belar's Mail 40,000,000 400 232
14 Golden Armour 100,000,000 600 232
15 Armour Of Lore 400,000,000 1000 232

Note that to figure out how much will be gained by buying a certain weapon/armor you must take into account the amount added by your current weapon/armor which you must trade in. So if you upgrade from Magic protection to Belar's mail your net defense gain will be only 100.

*In 4.07 you need a certain defense level (without the armor you are turning in) in order to buy a specific armor. This is equal to the base defense for the level 1 lower than the armour number. So to buy full body armor(#10) you need to have at least the base defense for level nine.

32,000 Defense
Abdul's armor has an intersting quirk in some versions of L.O.R.D., including 4.07. If buying armor would result in a defense over 3276, your defense becomes 32,000. My guess is that is the result of negative number checking, but is off by a decimal point. This usually happens only in games with IGMS that greatly enhance your defense, but it could theoretically happen without IGMs if you have turned in enough gems so that your base defense plus the defense added by the new armor adds up to more than 3276.

(V)iew your stats This lets you see your statistics. This is the same information which is shown to you just after you enter through the (E)nter command, before you see the daily log. Here is a sample:

     nuts's Stats...
   Experience   : 106,569
   Level        : 7                 HitPoints          :(223 of 223)
   Forest Fights: 1371                Player Fights Left : 99
   Gold In Hand : 44,340            Gold In Bank       : 0
   Weapon       : Huge Axe          Attack Strength    : 137
   Armour       : Iron Armour       Defensive Strength : 96
   Charm        : 500               Gems               : 1

   You are married to Dear.

   You have 3 children.

   You are on horseback.

   The Thieving Skills: 12          Uses Today: (3)

   You are currently interested in The Thieving skills.

The game will also show if you have a fairy.

(T)urgon's warrior training
Once you have enough experience to get to a certain level, this is how you actually get to that level.
You have several options:

(Q)uestion master
(A)ttack master
(V)iew statistics
(R)eturn to main menu
now for more detail:

{T} (Q)uestion master

If you question your master, he'll either tell you that you are ready to advance a level or will tell you how many experience points you need before you are ready to advance a level. Here are the experience points you need to advance to the various levels:

Level exp needed
2 100
3 400
4 1,000
5 4,000
6 10,000
7 40,000
8 100,000
9 400,000
10 1,000,000
11 4,000,000
12 10,000,000

{T} (A)ttack master
If you have enough experience points to advance a level you can challenge your master to a duel. If you try to attack your master but don't have the necessary experience points you'll find yourself holding air and you won't be allowed to challenge your master again until tomorrow. If you are ready to challenge your master the battle will begin.

As noted earlier, special skills don't apply here, not even defensive mystical skills. You can, however, use extra hitpoints gained by the jennie code and you can use a fairy. You can also lose your children and/or a horse with the usual results.

If you heal yourself before challenging your master then you generally will be successful in your attack. The one exception is when you are trying to get to level two. Often you will get 100 experience, but won't have enough attack/defense points for a successful battle. You usually need some extra edge such as a fairy, extra HP gained through jennie HOTT, or a 3000 gold weapon/armor. This can be especially challenging in 4.07 when no IGMs are installed, since the game doesn't let you buy armor better than heavy coat or a weapon better than dagger, and level one players can't turn in gems. In this situation you might find it useful to kill a weaker level one player just to get the extra defense given for a succesful kill in 4.07.

If your challenge is not successful, you won't die, but you won't be able to challenge your master again until tomorrow.

If you are successful you will advance a level, get more HP, offense and defense. You will also gain a skill point in your current profession, if you haven't already mastered it.

Once you get enough experience to advance another level you can challenge your new master. In some games it is possible to advance several levels in one day.

While we are on the subject of levels, let's take a look at exactly what you gain by advancing levels. Here are the "stats" for each level, with no armor, no weapon, and no enhancements given by turning in gems or through the various other means available. To figure out what your HitPoints, Attack strength and Defense strength will be at a given level you'll have to take into account any enhancements you've obtained and your weapon, armor.

Level HP Attack strength Defense strength
1 20 5 0
2 30 10 2
3 45 17 5
4 65 27 10
5 95 39 20
6 145 59 35
7 220 94 57
8 345 144 92
9 530 219 152
10 780 329 232
11 1130 479 352
12 1680 679 502

As you advance a level the game will tell you how much you're gaining. When you go from level 1 to level 2, for example, the game will tell you that you will gain 10 HP, 5 attack strength and 2 defense strength. When you go from 5 to 6 it tell you that you have gained 50 HP, 20 attack strength and 15 defense strength.

{T} (V)isit hall of honor This will show all the players who have killed the dragon, how many times they have killed the dragon (this is called a heroic deed), and their current level. Players are listed according to their number of deeds, with ties resolved by listing the player with the lowest slot first. If nobody has slain the dragon then the game will say "sad times indeed, their are no heroes in this realm."

NOTE: If you have reached level 12, the game will show you a message about seeking out the red dragon and then kick you back to the main menu. Thus, level 12 players cannot visit the hall of honor. bummer...

{T} (R)eturn to main menu
As you might expect, this takes you back to the main menu!

[back to the main menu]

(L)ist warriors This lists the players and shows you some things about them. Here is a sample listing:
             Legend Of The Red Dragon 3.53 - Player Rankings

    Name                    Experience    Level    Mastered    Status
F D Hi there                     90,000    7                    Dead
F D Dear                         18,408    6                    Alive
  T Bigbadmama                        1    1                    Alive

The "F" before the player's name indicates a female player. The next letter indicates the player's current profession. After this is the player's name, followed by their current experience point then their level. The "Mastered" column shows any special skills in which a player has 20 or more skill points. If a player has 40 skill points the "D" "M" or "T" will be in white. The last column lists whether the player is dead or alive.

This functions the same as the (L)ist players command in the entry menu.

(D)aily News This let's you look at today's news, yesterday's news, or continue, just as with the (D)aily News command in the entry menu.

(O)ther places You've heard, no doubt, about In Game Modules. This command is what let's you run them. If no IGMs are listed, that means that none are installed. You'll have to take this issue up with your sysop. Some sysops know about IGMs and don't wish to run them, others just don't know how.

For those not familiar with the concept, an IGM is a program which is run from within LORD itself. It is kind of a door within a door. Some IGMs are really games in themselves, others will modify the LORD game. Some modify it too much and are really destructive!

I'm not going to go into great detail on individual IGMs, there are hundreds of them and I have experience with only a few. Perhaps in a future revision of this FAQ I'll have reviews of some IGMs in a separate section.

What I will do is mention a few quirks that can pop up in games with IGMs installed. These are not really bugs in LORD or bugs in the IGMs, these are simply quirks which occur because an IGM let's you do something that you can't do in the game, and this has consequences that the IGM author never imagined.

Double Marriage
Some IGMs let you change your gender (sex). This could cause you to be married to a member of your own gender. This can also allow you to be married to both Violet *and* Sethable at the same time! Both marriages will show up in your stats and both will be shown in the the daily log and in the conjugality list.

Negative skills
The skill points you have for a given skill class is stored in a single byte signed integer [huh?]. This means that if your skill points go over 127, the game will show this as negative skill points and as a result you will not have any use points! Since the game doesn't let you get more than 40 skill points, this isn't a problem unless IGMs are installed. The IGMs I've seen which let you increase your skills *don't* check for this, so be very careful if your skill points get over 120. If you let them get over 127, you'll have to keep going until they get over 255, at which point they will go back to zero and then you can start over.

The fast breeder bug is probably the worst bug in L.O.R.D. , even though it does require the use of an IGM. By simply changing the name of your weapon or armor you can get unlimited children which leads to unlimited forest fights, and the ability to kill anyone or any thing without even attacking them!
The "fast breeder" bug
I guess you could say I've saved the best for last. Double marriage is a neat trick, and negative skills can be very annoying, but this one is in a whole different category! Many IGMs let you rename your weapon and/or your armor. This has no impact on the effectiveness of your armor or weapon, calling your long sword a "Death sword" will *not* allow you to beat the crap out of all the other players. The trouble is that the IGM will typically let you call your weapon or armor anything you want to call it. This allows you to use color codes, which can make things interesting, but there are two problems that crop up. First, people take advantage of it by calling their weapon by "obscene" names which produces amusing, but often sick, results when someone attacks them. I'll let you use your imagination there.

Second, and far more critically, "anything" means that you call your armor or weapon "`K". You might think "so what!" or "why would anyone want to do that?" Well, if you name either your armor or your weapon "`K" then every time you bring up your stats you will get another child! By holding down "V" from the main menu you can get hundreds, even thousands of children. The next day you'll get hundreds, even thousands of extra forest fights!

As if that wasn't enough, when you have one hundred (or more) children the child death sequence kicks in every time you would have otherwise taken damage. This makes you invulnerable while you are online (except in online duels) as long as you have 100 or more children left! Note that you will not be unbeatable in online duels or when offline, so in a game where people can get mega chilren nobody is unbeatable!

Without an IGM this could never happen, since the game doesn't let you name your armor or weapon, so it's not really a bug in the game, and since the IGM functions exactly as intended this isn't a bug in the IGM either. This is just an unforseen consequence of an IGM feature that wasn't very well thought out. BTW, this doesn't work if you just change your own name to "`K" so don't bother trying it.

Although version 4.x precludes using the fast breeder bug, having more than 100 children still makes it impossible for you to suffer damage in a fight while you are online. (you can still be damaged by certain forest events, but these will not be fatal) So if there are IGMS installed that let you get tons of children you would be advised to take advantage of it! Just keep in mind that you will lose children any time you would have suffered damage whether the enemy is a real threat or not so you might want to avoid forest fights unless you have a lot of defense. As we are about to see, however, there may be a drawback to having too much defense!

Keep in mind that although you can't lose fights when you have 100+ children, you can't always win. You might not be able to kill a player if they can't cause damage to you! Let's say that Eve and Roger have been buying huge amounts of gems in an IGM and have concentrated on defense at the expene of Strength. Both have several hundred hitpoints. Roger has 13,000 defense and 2300 strength while Eve has 15,000 defense and 2000 strength. If Eve attacks Roger she won't be able to damage him even with power moves and special skills will do a mere 1 damage point! But since she has 15,000 defense she can't take any damage from him and so the child death sequence will never be engaged! So even if she has a thousand children she cannot kill Roger! The resulting draw can be very frustrating.

You might think that if a player has used IGMs or just turned it a lot of gems to get 30,000+ hit points you would have to sacrifice dozens of children to kill them (assuming their defense is so high you cannot damage them) but you would be wrong! Let's suppose they have 32,000 hit points and a defense so high you can't damage them, your defense is low enough for you to take damage from them. Their hitpoints would be reduced something like this:

32000 16000 8000 4000 2000 1000 500 250 125 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 dead!

Because of negative rollover, it is impossible to have more than 32,767 hit points so you should be able to kill anyone if you have at least 120 children. Keep in mind, however, that you can usually do at least one damage point using special skills so if you use your thief, deathnight or Mystical skills against a player at least 1 level above you as soon as they get to less than 12 hitpoints, you should lose no more than 12 or 13 children killing them, even if the have 32,767 hit points!

For more about IGMs and a special announcement, see the MISC section!

(M)ake announcement
This let's you make an announcement which will appear in the daily log. The normal color codes apply. As with most other message areas, you end your announcement by entering a blank line.

(Q)uit to fields
This takes you back to the BBS and leaves you outside where anyone can attack you.

[1] [hidden]

This shows you the game configuration. Here is a sample:

                     ** GAME STATISTICS 3.55 **

   This game has been running for 13 days.

   You are playing a REGISTERED game.

   Game can be FINISHED by getting 15 heroic deeds

   There are currently 5 people playing.

   Players are deleted after 1000 days of inactivity.

   Clean mode is OFF!  (Thank the stars!)

   Transferring Funds is enabled, max of 1000000 per transfer.
   You can do this unlimited times per day.

   Need an ego boost?  This is what you overhear being said about
   yourself. "She is ok..If you don't care about outward appearances."

This is pretty much selfexplanatory. If the game is unregistered this screen will note that it is "not winnable".

If the sysop has decided to not let the game be finished, the heroic deeds field will simply say that the game is set to run indefinitely. If the field contains a number of deeds then when a player kills the dragon this many times the game will be over and instead of getting the usual message when killing the dragon the player will get a message telling him that his quest is over and the ancient magic that kept the dragon alive is no more. Then, when players enter the game they will get a message saying that the game is over and suggesting that they ask their sysop to use the "R" command in LORDCFG. If the sysop does this then the game will be reset. In theory at least, this will be just like a new game. There have been reports of some data files not being properly reset, but I haven't been able to track this down. Most notably, some people have found that Olivia seems to recognize them in a newly reset game as someone who had been mean to her.

The sysop can, as an alternative, delete the file that indicates the game has been won. If he does this, then the next time the winner kills the dragon, or when someone else reaches the number of required deeds, the game will once again be over. This will continue until the sysop resets the game or changes the configuration.

If clean mode is enabled then you cannot get laid, either by Violet/Sethable or by other players or by the maidens in the forest. This means that you cannot make the list in the darkhorse tavern. I'm not sure whether or not you can have children.

Transferring funds will be restricted as shown in the next to the last entry. This has a limiting factor on alliances and the sysop will set this parameter according to his/her knowledge of the game and how he/she feels about players making alliances.

The last entry shows you what players will see if they decide to flirt with you.

[2] [hidden]
This will turn RIP graphics on/off. Your terminal emulation is detected at login or taken from the drop file, but in case it isn't properly detected or you change your terminal after entering the game, this command will let you enable/disable RIP graphics.

[3] [hidden]
This will turn ANSI graphics on/off. Normally you won't need to use this command but in case the game setting doesn't currently match your emulation, you can press 3 to set things straight.

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