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The old version LRDHLP16.ZIP will still be available but starting with this version, this is a true HTML document with hypertext links instead of page numbers. Because it is so different it is now called LORD Web FAQ, LORDWFxx.ZIP, starting with LORDWF20.ZIP. This file contains everything needed to put up a mirror site and can also be viewed offline with a web browser. The file called LRDWHxxU.ZIP is a slightly modified version designed specifically for viewing offline.

I am now seeking contributions for my WTLORD section. If you have any tips, especially for the jabber codes, please send them to:
be sure to include "WTLORD tips" in the subject line. If your tips check out you'll get apropriate credit.

A new version of LORD HELP , LRDHLP16.ZIP has been released.


LORD and TEOS have been sold to Metropolis!
Sethable is now no longer writing or selling DOS LORD. Any questions about pricing, availability, or the future of DOS LORD should be referred to
I am not sure how, if at all, this will affect TLORD.

There is now a new domain! it is:

For most people that's just
Since the new domain is independent of my ISP, it should be more or less permanent. please update your bookmarks and links. The old "" address has been deactivated. The new server seems to be more reliable and faster.

                    ****special announcement*****
       I am now taking contributions of tips, etc. regarding specific
   IGMs which will be included in a separate file called IGMTIPS.TXT
   The rules for inclusion in this file are as follows:

                #1 contributions will be sent via email to:
                   please put IGMTIPS in the subject line! 
                #2 contributions will be sent in plain ASCII as part of
                the message *not* as an attached file.

                #3 the contributor will receive no compensation other
                than having their name mentioned as the contributor.
                The name must appear within the body of the
                contribution, preferably as a title at the beginning.

                #4 I will not settle any disputes about who contributed
                what first.

                #5 I reserve the right to exclude material that in my
                judgement is superfluous, or in some way offensive.
                #6 complaints about what is or isn't in IGMTIPS.TXT will
                most likely be ignored.

                #7 Neither I nor the contributors are in any way liable
                for the use of the material. You use it at your own

                #8 Material contained in IGMTIPS.TXT does not in any way
                have my endorsement

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