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NOTE: This section is now in a seperate text file. If I acquire enough material on WTLORD I may produce a seperate index for this file and perhaps reorganize it. For the time being, this file will remain a set of paragraphs. **I AM LOOKING FOR SUGGESTIONS**, please see then end of this file.

Because I have no way of running TLORD locally, all my knowlege comes from playing, and I have only recently begun to do so. I have been able to play only WTLORD, so what follows may or may not apply to other versions of TLORD. It may also be wrong about earlier or possibly later versions of WTLORD.

Asking the fairies for a blessing and having your tears turn to gems is more productive in WTLORD, you get 2 gems times your level so if you are level 10 you'll get 20 gems.

Speaking of fairies, when you can only rob the bank once a day, regardless of how many fairies you catch. In DOS LORD a thief could use each fairy they catch to rob the bank, not so in WTLORD, after you rob the bank once, you get a message saying "you're a thief, find the key" thereater even though you are in possession of a fairy!

Mystical skills are more effective, especially Lightshield which seems to effectively double your defense. (I don't have any way to do really detailed tests on that)

Olivia is gone from the forest. Apparently she reclaimed her body or died from lack of oxygen to her brain.

The maidens/men in the forest are still there, but without Olivia to clue you in you'll just have to guess where they are. *NOTE* Unlike DOS l.o.r.d., TLORD lets female as well as male players get laid by the people in the forest!

The flowers aren't as much fun because the "special codes" don't work. This could be because the author of TLORD didn't know about them, or perhaps he just decided not to include them.

While we are on the subject of codes, the "mail codes in your weapon/armour" trick doesn't work in WTLORD, the game just ignores them.

Jennie codes don't work. If you try them you get a message about codes in the "Jabber" room. More on this will be included in future updates.

When you kill somebody at the inn instead of being kicked out of the inn they stay there but the game notes that they are dead. This looks a bit sloppy in my opinion. Upon being resurrected, these players return to the inn instead of being tossed into the forest.

When you turn gems in to the bartender you must enter a number because the default number is zero rather than the maximum number of gems you can turn in.

Some of the menus don't look right. You'll know what I mean when you see them.

Although DOS LORD has extensive multinode support, it really is kind of an afterthought and the DOS/WINDOWS environment itself has limitations that lead to varous problems, especially when several people are in the game at once and interact with each other. TLORD, on the other hand, is designed from the ground up as a multinode game and the WILDCAT environment is much better suited to this kind of thing. TLORD cannot even be run from DOS/WINDOWS.

There are different levels of difficulty. If the level is set to "advanced" or "against all odds" you may find that you're getting killed by forest monsters even though you have Wan's Weapon and Full Body armor at level *nine*! Usually these million gold weapons are adequate at level ten. Be very wary about advancing to level 9 until you are properly equipped and take full advantage of whatever IGMs are installed!

If the game is set to "tournament" mode then there will be a notice saying that the tournament will end in a certain number of days. Whoever has the most dragon kills at that time wins. If Two players are tied in dragon kills the one with the highest current level wins. If they are also tied in their level then the one with the most experience wins.

There are usually prizes for winning the tournament and sometimes for coming in second. Often the prize is a LORD poster. Sysops of pay or semipay BBSs will sometimes substitute free time or membership.

If you have a fairy when going up against the dragon you'll lose it upon defeating the dragon even if you didn't use it in the fight. In DOS LORD you got to keep the fairy when being reset.

If you decline to help the old man, not only do you not lose a forest fight, you actually gain a forest fight!

If a player is not at least one level higher than you are, your cannot use *any* special skills, not even defensive mystical skills! In DOS LORD you could always use Disappear, Lightshield and Mystical heal.

If you attempt to attack a player who is currently online you get a message about going to the jabber room. Apparently you can attack a player only if they are in the jabber room.

Marriages to Violet seem to always end in divorce the next day. This would seem to make it impossible to have children Violet. You don't lose any charm when splitting up with Violet, so you can marry her again if she isn't already married to someone else. Since this gives you 1000 x your level experience points, this can come in very handy in hotly contested tournaments, allowing you to jump to level 4 right after killing the dragon.
This trick doesn't work for female players because as in DOS LORD, you get no experience for marrying Sethable.

Marriages between players often end for no apparent reason.

In Death Knight and Thieving skills you start the day with one use point for every four skill points. In DOS LORD it was supposed to work that way but you actually got one use point for every 5 skill points.
You start the day with an extra use point in the skill you're currently practicing and you get an extra use point for that day only when you are successful in a Death Knight or Thieving lesson.

If any of you have any hints for WTLORD, especially the "jabber" codes, let me know! If your hints check out, I'll give you apropriate credit. Please send them via this link
please be sure to include "WTLORD hints" in the subject line!

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