Human eyebrow hair
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Like scalp hair, black eyebrow hairs look brown under the microscope. Notice that the thinner parts look even lighter in color. Also, individual hairs are not always uniform in size or color.

eyebrow hair 400X - click to see larger eyebrow hair 400X - click to see larger

When seen under superstage lighting, as in the 100X image on the right, hairs take on a kind of glow, though not as dramatic as that exhibited but some other subjects. The translucent nature of hair makes it ideal for normal substage lighting as no slicing into thin sections or other special preparation is required. In this picture the cut ends of several hairs are visible.

When speaking of a child's science experiment gone wrong, people often joke that it caused them to lose their eyebrows.

eyebrow hair 400x - click to see larger eyebrow hair 100X, superstage lighting - click to see larger
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