Grass culture at 2 weeks
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After 2 weeks the grass culture has matured considerably. The kidney shaped "colpoda" which once dominated the scene are still there but are outnumbered by creatures with more of snail shape. Paramecium are still quite common.

Grass culture at 14 days  100X  -  click to see larger Bdelloids 100X  -  click to see larger

The Bdelloid rotifers are quite ubiquitous now with several showing up in each sample. The fact that many of them are quite small shows that they are reproducing. This suggests that the "eggs" I found were in fact bdelloid eggs.

Another organism has appeared, which is almost rectangular and swims rapidly when not attached to something. It retracts into a bell shape after consuming something. Despite waht the picture to the right says, this is not actually a rotifer, but rather a single celled oganism known as a bell animacule.

This is actually a bell animacule This is actually a bell animacule 400X  -  click to see larger
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