Grass culture at 4 days
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After 4 days the grass culture was much denser, yet the critters were just as energetic. This may be due in part to the fact that I was "nursing" the culture by injecting air into it and moved it to a spot where it got some light.

Grass culture at 4 days 100X  -  click to see larger Grass culture at 4 days 100X  -  click to see larger

The colpoda and paramecium that first appeared still dominate the scene but a third, smaller critter is also in attendance. Also present and now quite obvious are the swarms of bacteria that act as food for the microbes. They still aren't present in the over whelming numbers that make the water cloudy but some of the larger ones can be easily seen in the first picture. A new organism appeared as well. A worm like creature that was shaped like a slug and moved like an inch worm. It was about 2-3 times as long as the largest paramecium when extended but only about half as wide. It turned out to be a bdelloid rotifer. I noticed another phenonemon that explains why the paramecium seem to disappear before the water on a slide dries. They literally explode!

Paramecium  400X  -  click to see larger
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