Multicellular invaders
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In a good "hay infusion" you will find a variety of protozoans, but protozoans are not the only critters found in pond water, and it is likely that in your grass culture you will also find small aquatic animals. On the 8th day I was observing the culture as usual when I was startled by the sudden appearance of an aquatic worm, also known as a nematode.

nematode Nematode  - click to see larger

In addition to the nematode shown above, the 8th day saw a number of the Bdelloid rotifers wich first appeared at 4 days. Bdelloids can be seen in a compressed position in the pictures above as well as in various positions in the pictures to the right. Not seen in these pictures, another organism has appeared. It has a bell shape and a stalk, with a ring of cillia at one end.

Bdelloid rotifer at 100X Bdelloid rotifer 100X -  click to see larger Bdelloid rotifer  100X  -  click to see larger
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