Locust wing
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The term "locust" is often used to describe grasshoppers in general but usually it refers specifically to the species that form large swarms and thus constitute a plague. Such plagues still occur today, though use of insecticides often stops them before they start.

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In ancient Palestine, then known as Canaan, locust swarms often reached plague proportions and could lead to famine. When crops were wiped out by large insects, it is logical to eat the insects themselves, thus avoiding starvation. Locusts were one of the few insects that were considered "kosher" for the ancient Jews. This custom continued into the first century A.D. and was practiced by John the baptist. The dead sea scrolls mention the preparation of locusts as food. Eating insects may offend our modern sensibilities, but grasshoppers are are actually pretty nutritious and make a good source of protein.

Though we think of grasshoppers as being green, they actually come in a variety of colors, especially in the wings as these pictures illustrate.

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