Spammers hall of shame
If you think that getting a bunch of unwanted junk mail is the worst thing that can happen to you if you put an email link on your webpage, include it in a usenet posting, give it as the contact email in the NSI registry, etc., GUESS AGAIN!
Just imagine that instead of sending spam to you, they are sending it "from" you. In other words, they are using your email address as the return adress for spam! One day you are reading your email address as normal, deleting 75% of the messages because they are junk and then you come accross a bunch of bounceback messages from messages you never sent. Now imagine that these messages are SPAM and promote products and services you don't want to have anything to do with and on top of that, they use HORRENDOUS methods to trick people into reading them. Think this can't happen to you? Don't bet on it, because it did happen to me!
The table below shows who is doing it, what they are promoting and the tactics used to either trick people into reading their spam or fool them about its origin:

Uknown Disgusting adult website Subject is "RE: Mom is in the hospital". This message appears to have originated from the Czech republic. I'd love to wring the neck of the person or persons responsible for this, but my arms won't reach that far! spamming software and email database, so you can do your own spamming! No identification is given other than a toll free number and the hotmail address. Though they give the usual removal instructions about "reaching you in error", it's hard to believe that a company selling email addresses and forging someone else's email address as the reply address is concerned with whether or not the people they send their spam to actually want it!
WEB SYSTEMS $39.95 CDROM collection containg spamming software, email databases and "spying" software This company actually gives a real mailing address as well as the removal address of "" The subject line is "bamazeke". This message was sent numerous times and from the nature of the addresses it was sent to, it appears they were "mined" from the NSI database.
Uknown but they use a service called "Replybox" A pyramid scam which sells "reports" for $5 each. They encourage people to get removed from the list by replying to the message. As if I could remove people from a list that I have nothing to do with! Subject is "the letter".
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