Carrot seeds
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Carrot seeds are not microscopic but do have microscopic details. Because they are so thick and opaque they don't make good subjects for traditional light transmission microscopy and are better observed through superstage illumiation, preferably through a stereo microscope. This variety is known as "Toudo II" and was purchased in 2002.
carrotseed1s.jpg - 8842 Bytes Carrot seed  35X (through stereo microscope)
carrotseed4s.jpg - 7935 Bytes carrotseed6s.jpg - 11411 Bytes Usually you want to avoid bubbles in a permanent mount just as you want to avoid them in a water mount. In this case, however, the bubbles add an interesting effect just as they did in the wet mout of a human hair. carrotseed3s.jpg - 6795 Bytes carrotseed7s.jpg - 8525 Bytes
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