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Microscopic gallery   exp Oct 30, 2014
The hidden details of everyday things
Stereoscopic scanning
(How it's done)
Tom's videos
A sampling of my Dad's videos
Amber gallery
see my collection of amber fossils
Stereo Cameras
Kind of half baked for the moment
My brother's woodwork
my half brother,but with Dad's name
Stereoscopic Galleries (3D!)
fossils  seeds   Fulgurites   old   etc.
Feeling bored?
Fun things to do on the internet
The Thomas L Elson memorial site
My sister's homepage!
Teri, her cats and more!
Legend Of the Red Dragon FAQ
L.O.R.D. FAQ updated Aug 19, 2014
LORD Telnet list
100+ Telnettable BBSs with L.O.R.D.
My Blog
website, hobbies and whatever...
some of the greatest of all time
amusing videos clips of various cats
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