Stereoscopic fossil gallery
Elrathia kingii
Trilobite gallery
small ammonite
small ammonite
small ammonite
split ammonite
the bryozoan Archimedes
Archimedes (bryozoan)
3d blastoid
3D Brachiopod #1
Brachiopod #1
colonial coral
Colonial coral
collection of grade F amber
Grade F amber
3D Crinoid stem
Crinoid 1
dinosaur bone fragment
Dinobone 1
3D Gasropod
 horn coral
Horn Coral
sharktooth1th.jpg - 2751 Bytes
Shark tooth
Trilobite in nodule
Trilobite in nodule
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Fuji W3 digital stereo camera
Fuji W3 digital stereo camera
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