Microscopic gallery of animal specimens
Ascaris CS
Frog blood 1000X
Blood comparison
Blood Fluke Eggs
Brine shrimp eggs
Butterfly: leg , wing
Butterfly Wing #2
Camel hair
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Dog cardiac muscle
Dog Columnar Epithelium
Dog duodenum
Dog esophagus
Dog Ileum
Dog Jejunum
Dog olfactory membrane
Dog olfactory membrane
Dog pancreas
Dog rectum
Dog rectum 100X
Dog skeletal msuscle
Dog small intestine
Dog smooth muscle
Dog spleen
Dog squamos epithelium
Dog stomach
Dog stomach cardiac region
Dog stomach pyloric region
Dog taste buds
Dog tongue
Dog trachea
Dog ureter
Dog urinary bladder
Earthworm cs
Fish blood
Fish Gill
Fish scales
Fly halter , legs , wings
Frog blood
Frog skin
Fruitfly : legs , eyes , ...wings

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Gold fish scale
Hare hair
Honeybee leg
Honeybee Wing
House bee mouth
Housefly mouth
Human blood
Human hair: scalp, eyebrow, mustache
Human hair follicle
Human hair follicle #2
Human Sweatglands
Hydra Budding
Hydra LS
Hydra Cross Section
Lacewing (green), wings,
antennaslegs, mouthparts
Locust wing
Mantis Leg
Mitosis Ascaris Egg
Mosquito (female)
Mosquito larva
Mosquito mouth
Mosquito wing
Moth1: scales , antenna , ... legs
Profile of moth number two
Moth #2 : antennas, eyes,
...feeding tube, legs, wings

Mouse Cuboidal Epithelium
Mouse Kidney
Mouse kidney #2
Mouse ovary
Mucus Membrane
Multicolored asian ladybug legs wings
Pig Adipose
Pig gall bladder
Pig liver
Pig motor nerve
Planaria cs
"Plant louse"
Rabbit artery and vein
Rabbit arteriole
Rabbit ganglia
Rabbit hyaline cartilage
Rabbit lymph node
Rabbit spinal cord
rabbit testis
Rabbitt testis
Rabbitt Veneae cavae
Stilt bug eye 100X
Stilt Bug : eyes , antennas
...legs , beak , wings ,
... abdomen.
Taenia Pisiformis

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