Colpoda Spiralis ?

Several hay infusion experiments in the past have shown various types of protozoans and also small animals such as nematodes and bdelloid rotifers. The most frequently encountered protozoans were colpoda.

I started a new hay infusion on May 27, 2009 from a sample containing grass, soil clinging to the roots and a few stray pine needles and soon found the usual coploda that have populated such cultures in years past, including Colpoda inflata and serveral other common species. Then on June 3, 2009 a new species suddenly appeared that was quite different from any colpoda I had ever seen.

The strange shape, particulary the large overhang that gives it an almost snail like appearance, suggests that it is most likely Colpoda spiralis, an unusual species previously reported in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. This is, as far as I can tell, the first time it has been reported in California, and northern California at that (zip code 95841). The Measurements are consistent with the descripton but I am niether equipped nor qualified to say for certain that the description matches the specimens I've observed, and I have yet to find an image of a specimen known to be Colpoda spiralis, so I must put a question mark after the species name.

If you can shed any light on this species, or have any questions or comments please send email to:     colpoda    @ (remove the antispam spaces)

Colpoda Sprilas ? found in CA 95841
Colpoda Spiralis ? found in CA 95841 Colpoda spiralis ? found in CA 95841

400X view of feeding colpoda
Due to the camera's design and the software used, these videos are in WMV format:
First appearance (4Mb, 56s 100-400X) First apperance in 2nd culture pt1, pt2 , pt3
Specimens stuck together (by debris?)100X about 500K duo1 duo2 trio
100X : (less than 1Mb) 7sec   8sec   17sec view with an amoeba and other companions
400X :(601K - 3.7Mb) Large specimen 20s mid sized 15s smaller, good veiew of nucleus 19s two specimens from various angles 33s Grazing(?) behavior, huge specimen appears briefly 44s Continuation, small parmecium in attendance 30s

The raw (unedited XGA size) files (17 secs - 4 min 20 secs 1.3 - 19.8 Mb) are available on a seperate page.
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