Kodak Stereo Camera
Kodak Stereo Camera

The Kodak, though it lacks a rangefinder, is often considered to be the easiest of the Realist format cameras to use, and also one of the least expensive. The combination of price and quality made it a real hit. About 100,000 were sold, and had it been released prior to the end of 1954 it would have sold a lot more and might have become the best selling stereo camera of all time.

Stereo Realist, the one that started it all!
Stereo Realist

The realist was the first "Realist format" camera and thus gave the format its name. It was a very high quality camera but somewhat expensive and difficult to use. It featured a rangefinder and focused by moving the film plane.

Realist 45 Realist's answer to the Kodak Stereo Camera
Realist 45

The Realist 45 was an easy to use, inexpensive but high quality stereo camera which could be thought of as Realist's answer to the Kodak Stereo Camera. It was actually a rebranded version of the Iloca Stereo Rapid without the rangefinder. It featured a self cocking shutter and swing out lever on the wind knob that allowed taking pictures in rapid succession.

Nimslo quadralens lenticular
Nimslo Quadralens

The Nimslo was the first consumer level lenticular stereo camera. The idea of people being able to make their own 3d lenticular pictures was quite a novelty, but the idea never really caught on and many were sold on the secondary market at substantial discount, leading to new uses for the camera...

Nishika, the first Nimslo clone
Nishika Quadralens

The Nishika was the first inferior Nimslo clone. Allegedly improved, it was designed to look like it was more than it really was, and the deception didn't stop there...     more

3Dfx one of many 3 lens Nimslo clones
Other Nimslo clones

Many other Nimslo clones hit the market, mostly 3 lens cameras by a company named Image Tech. Some of these had advanced features such as built in electronic flash and motorized film advance, but none had the advanced autoexposure or quality lenses of the Nimslo.

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